In 2019 we launched our non-profit, Spiritually Fit Recovery Inc., to provide funding opportunities for people in recovery.

Some individuals are not able to make it to our weekly donation-based recovery classes due to work, home life, or distance. Because of this, we provide scholarship opportunities for graduates of the treatment centers we teach at to attend other class opportunities.

With this scholarship program we are able to pay for or subsidize a membership at a yoga studio, a yoga teacher training program, or yoga workshop that a student would like to participate in.

Price should never be a barrier to someone’s spiritual growth, and with this scholarship program we make that possible. These scholarships allow the students to take other free yoga classes post-treatment, helping to alleviate financial stress while navigating their transition into daily life outside of treatment centers.

If you are interested in donating to our 501(c)3 or applying for our scholarship program the links are below.

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