Spiritually Fit offers certification programs for current yoga instructors that would like to learn more about teaching in the recovery community.

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In these workshops and trainings, we impart our knowledge from years of experience onto those who may be unfamiliar with the field or simply would like to learn more. This training goes over successful ways to interact with clients, especially those new or resistant to trying yoga. We give instructors room management skills and techniques, because teaching in a rehab differs greatly from any traditional yoga studio.

Teachers are supplied with sequences and meditations that specifically address the challenges faced by those in early recovery, including acute and post acute withdrawal symptoms. In addition we go over fundamental HIPAA policies that are key to working in the mental health field.

If you are a yoga teacher and are interested in taking our certification program, and/or learning how to start donation-based recovery classes in the area you live, Please contact us via the form on our website, email or call (402) 982-9571 for more information.

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