Mikey Candella - Instructor

Born and raised in the Phoenix area, being a terror for many years in active addiction. Mikey was introduced to yoga in 2017 in treatment by spiritually fit recovery. After a bad run and relapse, going back to treatment only to find a solution through the 12 steps and yoga! Spiritually fit was there for Mikey and helped him develop a community, inner strength, spirituality and sobriety.

In May of 2018, Mikey attended the non profit classes that spiritually fit recovery offers and still does. Feeling that the non profit classes are a vital part of his recovery incorporating yoga and the 12 steps. Mikey made the decision to go to Yoga teacher training at the sweatshop on central for his 200 hours certification and now works for spiritually fit recovery giving back what he feels helped him in so many ways. Motivated to grow and expand his knowledge of yoga, plans on getting more training in different areas of yoga to best help all beginning students achieve some inner peace.