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Spiritually Fit provides yoga and meditation services specifically geared to those in varying stages of the addiction recovery process.

Our staff has a deep understanding of the recovery process, and incorporates this knowledge into their own lives. Not only are Spiritually Fit instructors certified in yoga and meditation for the general public, but they have undergone specific and intensive training to provide the best possible experience for people in the early stages of the recovery process detox, inpatient, and outpatient treatment. 

Improving physical well-being.

Our goal is to provide clients with tools they can use upon completion of their treatment program. We give guidance to help them feel better physically through yoga and mentally through meditation. Yoga increases physical well-being by lessening pain and stiffness. 

By stretching, twisting, and gently compressing the body, toxins are released; alleviating several of the physical symptoms of both the acute and post-acute withdrawal/detox process. After these relaxing postures and guidance, the clients are calm and more receptive to the following meditation.

Finding mental strength through meditation.

While the yoga helps with the body, the meditation helps with the mind. Creating some peace, calm, clarity, and serenity before patients make what are bound to be life changing decisions. People face multiple challenges in early recovery including urges to use, stress, and varying emotions. 

We emphasize that whatever is going on, wherever they are, clients always have their breath and their body. These are tools they can use to feel better, calm down, and make it through challenging periods of time without the need to pick up or act out in unhealthy ways. 

Encouraging a lifelong interest in yoga.

If the client is with us for an extended period of time, they have the opportunity to learn even more about the different types of yoga and meditation. Scholarship opportunities are also available. We introduce them to a variety of yoga practices, hoping that by the end of their time with us they will have found a style that resonates with them. 

When the recovery program is completed we provide them with information on the donation-based addiction recovery classes that we have created. We invite them to continue this life changing practice and become part of our growing recovery-yoga community. Our philosophy is simple love yourself, challenge your body, calm your mind, and connect your spirit.

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